Symposium history

Potential losses of agricultural products caused by noxious organisms constitute from 25 to 30 percent of the crop yield while in some cases the damage bring to complete yield loss. Underestimation of the issue result both, in direct crop loss and indirect sharp decrease in efficiency of all material and human resources investments that besides aggravating the ecological situation due to pesticides use. It is arguing the necessity for careful treating the issue of plant protection targeted at developing alternative (non-chemical) approaches for controlling noxious organisms and establishing certain institutions specializing on the domain.

The founding of the Institute Biological Plant Protection and of following scientific centers in direction of plant protection was conditioned by the need to develop alternative methods to chemical plant protection and to reduce the dangerous impact of chemization in agriculture. For over fifty years the researches in plant protection was organized within structures: All-Union Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection (1969 – 1992), the Institute of Biological Plant Protection of the ASM (1992 - 1999), the Research Institute for Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (1999 - 2005), the Institute of Plant Protection and Ecological Agriculture of the ASM (2006 - 2013), the Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection (2013 - present). The research efficiency and impact have been proven by successful scientific results and valuable practical results, fruitful research collaborations and recognition by multiple international organizations, as well as by practical settling various issues of plant protection.

Under the auspices of the International Organisation for Biological Control and in collaboration with various national and abroad institutions, several editions of International Symposium „Plant Protection - Achievements and Perspectives” were organized in last period.

Material proceedings:

The International Scientific Symposium „Plant Protection - Achievements and Perspectives”, 2009, IOBC-EPRS Bulletin No. 40.

The International Scientific Symposium „Plant Protection - Achievements and Perspectives”, 2012, IOBC-EPRS Bulletin No. 41.

The International Scientific Symposium „Plant Protection - Achievements and Perspectives”, 2015 IOBC-EPRS Bulletin No. 47.

The International Scientific Symposium „Plant Protection - Achievements and Perspectives”, 2020 IOBC-EPRS Bulletin No. 57.